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Wie zijn wij?De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Doelmatig Onderhoud (NVDO) is dé toonaangevende brancheorganisatie die middels belangenbehartiging, kennisoverdracht en netwerken ondersteuning biedt aan bedrijven en personen die bij de besluitvorming op het gebied van Beheer en Onderhoud/Asset Management betrokken zijn en daarmee de Nederlandse...

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Proud announcement: EuroMaintenance is committed to Charity

Zaterdag, 07 mei 2022 10:33
Proud announcement: EuroMaintenance is committed to Charity

Gered Gereedschap is a Dutch NGO which has been making a consistent effort for craftsmen and women in developing countries for the last 40 years. Projects supported by Gered Gereedschap strengthen technical vocational education and entrepreneurship in Africa.



EuroMaintenance supports this fantastic charity to give people in the poorest areas of the world the opportunity to train themselves in Technology and Maintenance. EuroMaintenance will take care of the refurbishment of old tools, the purchase of new tools and technical education.

Their support is practical, tangible and comprehensive. From tool sets and machines for schools, fully equipped sewing workshops to the education of technical vocational teachers. All their support is directed towards one purpose: promoting technical craftsmanship as a basis for self-reliance.

Training the next generation
Gered Gereedschap has already achieved a lot in her history. They supported 1,650 organizations with tools and created 132,000 fully equipped vocational training places for craftsmen. They will continue to further develop on this success. Besides collecting, refurbishing and sending tools from their 26 workshops in the Netherlands, they do more. 

The reason for this is very simple. The organization knows from experience that a flourishing craft sector in developing countries offers great opportunity to a better life for large groups of people. Not only tools but often also sufficient skilled people, knowledge and funds are lacking in the areas Gered Gereedschap is actively working. Therefore, they support craftsmanship in broadest sense of the word. In practice, it means that Gered Gereedschap is focusing even more on quality vocational education, available to everyone. They support students after completing their training and encourage entrepreneurship.

Origin of the tools
The required tools and machines are collected in the Netherlands by Gered Gereedschap through 400 collection points. These are then refurbished and prepared for a second life by some 500 volunteers in 26 independent workshops of Gered Gereedschap. Every year about 100,000 tools and 1,000 sewing machines find their way to projects in Africa, to support vocational education and entrepreneurship like setting up the tool rental shops. 

More information
Want to know more about Gered Gereedschap and the programmes they carry out in Africa under the name of EQUIP? EuroMaintenance will inform you during the upcoming months!

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