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Wie zijn wij?

Wie zijn wij?De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Doelmatig Onderhoud (NVDO) is dé toonaangevende brancheorganisatie die middels belangenbehartiging, kennisoverdracht en netwerken ondersteuning biedt aan bedrijven en personen die bij de besluitvorming op het gebied van Beheer en Onderhoud/Asset Management betrokken zijn en daarmee de Nederlandse...

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27 June; Maintenance Webinar CSRD Roadshow Process Industry

27 June; Maintenance Webinar CSRD Roadshow Process Industry

CSRD in short
Although the precise contents of the guideline are still indistinct, the core is clear. Companies will have to take drastic responsibilities for what happens in their chain. The aim is for them to invest more consciously and thus contribute to a green, fair world where it is sustainable to live and work for everyone. Reporting on Sustainability goals is new for many companies and informationsystems are often not yet set up for it. The CSRD roughly comprises three pillars: 'Environment', 'Social' and 'Governance'. Abbreviated as ESG.

The EU directive requires companies with an annual turnover of €40 million to report on the ESG themes most relevant to them. The larger the company, the greater the reporting burden. Reporting consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

But the guideline is also a fantastic tool on the road to Sustainability for smaller organizations!NVDO, EFNMS and Sdu make the CSRD guideline attractive!

What is the CSRD?
How does this affect you, your maintenance team and your business? But above all: what do you get out of it? We answer these questions in the Roadshow, focussed on the sectors Infrastructure, Built Environment, Process Industry and Manufacturing.

27 JUNE 2024

Location: Online
Time: 12.55-14.00 CET

CSRD in short

Chantal de Groot, Accountmanager, Sdu
The European CSRD directive, which focusses on materials testing, and the associated standards, the so-called ESRS, have been introduced since 1 January, 2024. But, what is the CSRD? Who will this apply to and when? What should you do? And how do you ensure that you are compliant in the Process Industry? Learn from Sdu!

LKABs transformation towards a sustainable future
Maria Ryytty, Senior Manager Strategic Maintenance LKAB
‘Finalist European Maintenance Manager of the Year’

There are three important areas that are leading the transformation: the new world standard for mining, carbon-free sponge iron with hydrogen technology and extracting critical minerals from mine waste. Maintenance has a large financial impact by creating predictability and enabling better planning for fact-based decisions. Maria tells about the three most important areas for achieving these results: people, processes and technology.

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