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Wie zijn wij?De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Doelmatig Onderhoud (NVDO) is dé toonaangevende brancheorganisatie die middels belangenbehartiging, kennisoverdracht en netwerken ondersteuning biedt aan bedrijven en personen die bij de besluitvorming op het gebied van Beheer en Onderhoud/Asset Management betrokken zijn en daarmee de Nederlandse...

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14 april: Maintenance Webinar Confined Spaces

14 april: Maintenance Webinar Confined Spaces

Working safely in confined spaces

A confined space is a work location that is difficult to enter and is poorly ventilated. It is cramped, often dark, and there are few possibilities of escape. There is often insufficient oxygen, or hazardous substances that are released during the work. Examples of work that are carried out in these spaces include maintenance and cleaning work, repairs and inspections.

Every year a number of people are killed or seriously injured due to working in confined spaces, often because they are unaware of the dangers, poorly trained or the correct safety arrangements have not been put in place.

Learning lessons during this (international) Maintenance Webinar;

  • Work permit
  • Instruments
  • Personal safety (including products)
  • Emergency situations: prevention and aid

The OSHA Confined Spaces standard 29 CR OSHA 1910.146, is written for general industry, while the updated 29 CR OSHA 1926.1200 Supart AA relates to Constructions, to address the particular safety concerns of the construction industry due to the fluid nature of construction sites, necessitating a different set of safety rules on entry and rescue. Nevertheless, both standards place an affirmative duty on the employer to train employees who enter confined and enclosed spaces, during construction or maintenance works, on the hazards involved, precautions to take and protective and emergency equipment needed. Standards may be of use to contractors as a means of planned activities general management, assessing and dealing with hazards and selecting proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and effectiveness emergency procedure and equipment.

George Scroubelos
With over 30 years of experience in the Health and Safety industry, Dr. Scroubelos is most proud of helping many companies and people become more safety conscious, thus contributing to the prosperity of people's lives.

Adriano Paolo Bacchetta
Adriano graduated in Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he now works as a freelance consultant after gaining many years of experience working for important multi-national companies, where he has been involved in many different safety programs.

Jan Teun Koningen
With his company, Catch22, Jan Teun is not only helping companies to keep improving themselves, but he also trains the companies that want to bring their Asset and Maintenance Management to a higher level.

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