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Wie zijn wij?

Wie zijn wij?De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Doelmatig Onderhoud (NVDO) is dé toonaangevende brancheorganisatie die middels belangenbehartiging, kennisoverdracht en netwerken ondersteuning biedt aan bedrijven en personen die bij de besluitvorming op het gebied van Beheer en Onderhoud/Asset Management betrokken zijn en daarmee de Nederlandse...

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European Health and Safety Committee-EHSC

European Health and Safety Committee

Statement why he/she participates :

The Background
Started by AFIM’s representative in October 2008, with the support of the EFNMS’s chairman

To push every European Maintenance Society to give priority to the safety and health of the Maintenance Workers of their country

A communication work to make every Maintenance Society aware of the high level of risk in maintenance jobs (mainly among young and inexperienced maintenance workers and maintenance sub-contractors personnel)

Invitation to participate.
We cannot imagine they would not be sensitive to the health of the maintenance workers of their own country.

Business Plan
The first step is to push every European Maintenance Society to implement a survey in their own country to have at least approximate data on occupational accidents and diseases on Maintenance staff compared with the average level of their country.

This communication work does not need any expenses from EFNMS. As the life and health of workers is invaluable, AFIM is ready to share its own experiment.

Critical Success Factors / Strategic Drivers.
It is up to every European Maintenance Society to feel by itself involved in the life and health of their Maintenance workers. To get a fair approach of this problem, they have to ask the opinion of their plant maintenance managers and maintenance supervisors well involved in workshop’s down-to-earth problems.

Justification / arguments
The main profit is the life and health of maintenance workers. A by-effect is to reduce the huge cost of occupational accidents and disease for the Companies (about 1% of maintenance costs). And it will have a positive impact on the repute of EFNMS.

The first achievement is the questionnaire on safety, which is a good tool to determine where efforts have to be made to get every European Maintenance Society more involved on the issue of safety in maintenance. The second is the good touch with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (meeting at Bilbao on 21/01/2009)

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